Latin american duo, composed of bolivian flute player Flavia Huarachi and brazilian guitarist and composer Raphael Gimenes, two south american souls, who both emigrated to Europe.


The ever fascination for diversity and the unlimited possibilities of the acoustic sound brought them together to explore the meeting between worlds:

The world where childhood’s sweet voices blossomed with the world where one decided to grow even further.

The inspiration comes from the roots of Latin america mixed together with the experiences that one lives through in new lands of the old continent.

Repertoire is diverse, getting inspiration from great acoustic artists of Latin america, where we make our own interpretations of composers like Hermeto Pascoal, Milton Nascimento, Matilde Casazola, Violeta Parra etc.

To spice the experience we will be presenting our own compositions.

The duo started their work in early 2016.


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