Flavia is a Music Performer currently studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in  the city of Copenhagen.

Her main passion has always being within the sound-range of the flute.

It was in La Paz’s Music Conservatory she first listened and started to play the instrument. She will later continue her musical studies in Danmark, taking private lessons with teachers like Janne Thomsen, Karolina Leedo, Ulla Miilmann and Anna Dina Schick B. Larsen, last one who she is currently studying with.

In her search for mastering the instrument even further she has played and studied in masterclasses with Janne Thomsen, Henrik Wiese, Emily Beynon, William Bennett and Felix Renggli.

Besides studying music, Flavia has also a strong interest in dance. Her main focus lies within folkloric dances of the world, as she grew up in the folklore of Bolivia. She has joined several projects with actors from Odin Theater as well as smaller independent dance groups. She is currently taking Flamenco classes and contact improvisation to compliment her studies as a performer.

As of 2017 Flavia is working with different projects:

“America do Sol” is a duo, together with brasilian composer and guitar player Raphael Guimenes. Their music is composed and inspired by the southamerican roots of both musicians. They both have a vision of turning this project in a meeting point between different musicians of all kinds of backgrounds to come together and create a new, original music landscape.

Another project she is developing further, called “Laboratory of Self-exploration”, has had it first trial at Sønderborg university. This project proposes to open a space where the audience and performers get to develop a new definition of the art of listening through experimentation and embodied knowledge.

In cooperation with Pianist Nadia Okrusko, they created a concert-concept: “Livets Vævning: en rejse gennem kunsterne” which had a showing in “Metronomen”, Copenhagen  last year- focuses on presenting music and reach a deeper connection of interpretation through the help of painting and dance –

The goal of these projects have in the bigger picture a simple goal: to show that music has a great social potential and can be a tool for connecting and in the end improving lives.

Music is for all