“Flavia’s work with socially relevant and existential themes is supported by a strong well-rooted artistic vision and drive. She works thoroughly, dedicated and uncompromising, and manages, with sound leadership and project management, to involve her fellow performers in a communal process.

Not least, Flavia is deeply musical and a true performative talent, and manages through her performance to unfold and redeem her vision in an innovative format. It is only very rarely that I have met this level of ambitious vision so successfully performed and redeemed…”

 Qarin Wikström on the work “Anata Jawila”

Known for her warm, open, with deep & diverse sounds on the flute, extreme vocal range and strong presence on stage, Bolivian/Danish performer, flutist, vocalist and composer Flavia Huarachi spent years performing as a professional classical and contemporary musician before moving into the improvisation & experimental music scenes.

Versatile in her approach to music, she has collaborated and released within a variety of music genres & groups such as Some of You of Us, The Space Above, Orchestra of the Americas, Takykardia and solo artists and composers like Raphael Gimenes, Marijke Maes, Andreas Odbjerg, Bara Gisladottir & James Black. 

As a composer and Performance artist she has a special focus on themes based in the memory of the body & decolonization, writing both big ensemble works to small pieces, where she likes to involve the audience in the performances.

Her latest Album “Huellas” , released in 2023 under CRRNT Records, presents her collaboration with lithuanian contrabass player Aurelijus Uzameckis – a weaving of  folklore and contemporary sounds from their diverse roots, knitting together ancient and modern expressions, with stories of origin and identity.


She is active member of the music collective CRRNT Collective, curating concerts and community events for the city of Copenhagen, with special focus on enhancing concert opportunities  within experimental and new music.

Her career has taken her to festivals  such as Sukiyaki Meets the World (Japan), UNM (Sweden), Edinburg International festival (Scotland), Sonamos Latinoamerica (Denmark) Winter & Summer Jazz Festival (Danmark), KLANG festival (Danmark) & CPH:DOX (Danmark).

Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and brought up in La Paz, Bolivia, she started her music education through the rich tradition of bolivian culture through folkloric dance and traditional wind music. She started playing traverso flute at the Conservatory of Music in La Paz at age 11.

She holds a Master degree in Performance from The Rythmic Music Conservatory and a Bachelors degree in Classical Performance and Orchestra performance from the Danish Royal Academy of Music (Danmark).

She currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark and teaches Performance at the Rythmic Music Conservatory since 2023.