“Huellas” (2023)

Huellas (Footprints) was created in 2021, while traversing through the Bolivian Altiplano.  The music was recorded in Alvaro Montenegros studio, located in the village of Achocalla. A combination of traditional and modern instruments bring the music into being – charango, tarka flutes, transverse flute, contrabass and different percussion, weaving a unique fabric of sound and rhythm.


Flavia Huarachi Jørgensen – voice, flute, charango, tarkas, small percussion

Aurelijus Užameckis – contrabass, voice, tarkas, small percussion

All the music of Huellas is composed by Flavia Huarachi and Aurelijus Užameckis.

The album is published on CRRNT Collective


July 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

© Flavia Huarachi & Aurelijus Užameckis


The debut album by the acoustic chamber trio “The Space Above” – interpreting early and contemporary classical music and blending folkloric and impressionistic influences in their very own way. By combining the spontaneous and open sensibilities of jazz and the richness of colours found in classical music, this record presents an undeniably unique musical space – a new way to tell an old story.

The trio features three young and well established improvisers from the Copenhagen scene of creative music: the Bolivian flutist Flavia Huarachi, fusing her indigenous andean roots with classical training through concerts and albums with Orchestra of the Americas, the award-winning Polish pianist and composer Artur Tuznik – known for his expressive style of playing, through his successful albums as a leader and numerous cooperations on the European jazz scene, and Simon Albertsen – a Norwegian drummer, coming from punk and metal, moving into jazz and improvised music with bands like WAKO and Espen Berg Trio.

Artur Tuznik piano, compositions
Flavia Huarachi flute
Simon Olderskog Albertsen drums, percussion

Pan-American Reflections (2019)

The Orchestra of the Americas performs Aaron Copland’s euphoric Third Symphony and Mexican composer Carlos Chávez’s rousing Sinfonía india in a thrilling Linn debut.

Carlos Miguel Prieto, known for his charismatic conducting and dynamic, expressive interpretations, directs the orchestra. The Orchestra of the Americas performed both works at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival as part of a European tour, which saw the orchestra perform at the Rheingau Festival, the Elbphilharmonie and the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music.

Full of hope, heroism and joyful optimism Copland’s Third Symphony is considered the ‘Great American Symphony’; it is perhaps most famous for its finale in which Copland incorporates his Fanfare for the Common Man, an exhilarating conclusion that leaves listeners uplifted.

With scintillating indigenous melodies, complex rhythms and highly percussive orchestration, Chávez’s Sinfonía india is the perfect piece to end the programme and showcase this passionate, flamboyant and brilliantly incisive orchestra.

Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas de Som (2016)

Brazilian Folk Jazz in a dreamy psychedelic fusion
‘Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas de Som’ is the debut album by the Europe-based Brazilian singer, guitarist, and composer. It was recorded between 2014 and 2015 in Aarhus and in Aalborg, Denmark. The music in it blends Brazilian folklore with classical music, ambitious harmonies with psychedelic effects, and African-Brazilian rhythms with classical guitar. Raphael’s music is atmospheric, elegant and at times melancholic.It is a concept album, in which different stories about longing, love, hardship, and hope, flow into one another, like a theater play with its different acts.

Raphael Gimenes Vocals, guitar, cowbells, agogo, programming
Flavia Huarachi,  Alexandra Pana Flutes 
Thomas Munk-Petersen Double Bass
Julian Kramper Congas, agogo
Niels Rose Caxixi, shakers, pandeiro
‘Who Killed Bambi’ Strings
(Ida Marie Arendt, Louise Drengsgaard, Mette D. Kristensen, Benedikte Borum)

Music, lyrics & arrangements ©by Raphael Gimenes

One World Records RGCV123©℗2016

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