Flavia Huarachi & Aurelijus Uzameckis


Andean flute player / singer Flavia Huarachi and baltic contrabass player Aurelijus Užameckis, combine the folklore of their diverse roots in a duo, knitting together ancient and modern expressions, with stories of origin and identity.

Through their debut album “Huellas” – “Footprints”, they invite the listener to travel across the andean landscape through songs in aymara and spanish languages, narrating their encounters with the time of Amaypacha – the time to connect with one’s ancestors and reconcile with the past.

The music was created in 2021, as they travelled through the Bolivian Andes mountain range. Through their travels they came across bolivian musician, composer and producer Alvaro Montenegro and recorded their debut album in his studio, located in the village of Achocalla. Flavia and Aurelijus recorded this music using traditional Andean instruments – charango, flutes and different percussion in combination with their modern instruments, weaving a unique fabric of sound and rhythm.

Huellas was released 1 of july 2023 digitally and in a special format – a booklet of stories and lyrics coming in a handmade neck pouch made by an organisation of female artisan-knitters under coordination of Elvira Espejo Ayca, who the duo collaborate with.