Anata Jawila

Anata is a metaphysical being. In Aymara communities of the Andes region in South America, it manifests as one of the last Andean festivities in the rain season. It marks the agricultural harvest, the rain, fertility reaching maturity and the entrance into the dry season.

Anata is the last transcendental interaction, when humans enter together with nature into a reflective, introspective state of being.

It is the act of the living, the dead, the supernatural and the dreaming celebrating life and death together – Spirits and ancestors walk between and with us.

Anata is a play, a memory and a song that heals. It is a human who carries thousand faces, thousand voices, many ways of living, knitted in one body which comes forward through the epigenetic of our muscles.

Anata is a Ceremony of the ever manifesting unconscious of humanity.

The listener is invited to the Anata emerging in this ceremonial piece, an experiment to bring ancient traditions and forgotten sounds back to us through stimulating the sensorial, morphing it/ bridging it into/with the contemporary space of a performance.

Jawila, Jawila Jawila


Line Up of Premier:

Flavia Huarachi – Tarka/flutes/voice 

Dunia Huarachi – voice

Cris Ferro – voice

Nadia Okrusko – voice

Susana Nunes – voice

Sofia Sá -voice

Marijke Florien Maes – voice 

Amanda Drew – voice

Laura Granderath – voice

Luka Zabric – saxophone
Michaela Turcerová – saxophone
Miguel Ángel Crozzoli – saxophone
Jon Tassilo Sensmeier – saxophone
Michał J. Biel – saxophone
Aurelijus Užameckis – Contrabass, Tarka, percussion 

Ivar Myrset Asheim – percussion
Paul Jacob Fossum – percussion

Contact for inquiry: 

Photo by Aurelijus Uzameckis