The Space Above

The Space Above is a contemporary chamber-music formation based in Copenhagen interpreting classical music through modern instrumentation and improvisation. Operating with an unconventional line-up – piano, flute, drums – and creating a unique, stylistic musical space which combines the depth of classical interpretation with the modern, improvisational sensibilities of jazz. The group reimagines classical repertoires through a prism of diverse modern musical influences and also performs original compositions by its members – with melodies drawn from their broad cultural backgrounds – Poland, Bolivia and Norway. The group understands the history of music as a constant development and expresses a fresh approach to both early and new works. They are not afraid to explore the borders and dance with the abstract, as they interpret a broad repertoire through modern expressions and with regard to much of earlier music’s daring approach to improvisation and instrumentation.

Artur Tuznik – Piano, Compositions

Flavia Huarachi – Flute

Simon Albertsen – Drums