Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See is a manifestation of the realms of a woman’s unconscious, of the body that speaks. 

It is a sound-installation, a music concert, an aesthetic abstract art piece, an agrestic raw manifestation of primal human expression, a Childs play, a space/ritual that evokes/offers release of primal energy to the performers and the audience. 

Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See is a large ensamble representing a female body, in which many states and voices reside, who each evokes emotions, which by themselves, don’t posses names of their own. 

“They can only speak through landscapes of sounds, of dissonance, of noise, of song. The manifestation does not belong to a particular genre, a particular telling, a specific style. It cannot be categorized, for it is older than the languages in which categorization exists. It invites you to embrace the incomprehensibleness and the impossibility of comprehending and conceiving the complex human psyche.” 

Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See invites you to travel through the realms of the mind and body of a woman, who finally acknowledges her own self and the history and mythology that resides in her, through 4 landscapes, 4 souls that resides in her body.

Premiere in 2021

This work was possible with the support of #kodakultur and the working grant in 2020