24 Aug

Weekly Blog – The Spirit of everything

It is Wednesday evening.

Once again, finding myself in a bus driving back after a successful and energizing last concert with DUEN (The Danish Youth Ensemble).

We played in an extremely beautiful golden hall full of red chairs and yellow chandeliers.

It was indeed the perfect place to play Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

According to certain musichistorians and entusiasts, Beethoven wanted his music to be play in smaller rather than bigger concert-halls — Why? you may ask. Because he wanted the music and the audience be as physically close as posible, so they could actually feel the music’s full vibrations physically. He became, as some of you know, deaf during his lifetime and probably for his music to be played in smaller rooms, was the best way he could get a realistic impression of the work he so dearly composed inside his head.

The orchestra made an explosive, strong, intense interpretation. Specially the 4th movement — was beautiful. The audience ended with gasps of amazement and excitement.

And so, when the bus was ready to departure, the conductor of this amazing ensemble, spoke words of gratitude and an honest wish we will always play like this. With the Spirit of everything inside us, bursting in presence.

How to choose wisely and be able to deliver with the spirit of everything?

In my personal path of working to connect the dots of student, teacher, creator, developer, leader, follower, interpreter, improvisator, the conclusion is: all is the same in spirit.

The idea of working with a new mindset — One which does not define you as each one of these roles, separated from each other, but rather finding a key word that wakes up the spirit on it’s whole sense, making — In the calling moment — everything possible.

To become the teacher, the leader, the creator, the improvisor, the storyteller — the musicians, artists, performers, leaders, followers that you admire and dream of becoming one day.

There is a good chance in which IF — living with the spirit of everything, an attitude of dynamic energy and a mindset of water

You can achieve Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Let’s learn to keep it alive!